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The year is 2074. For a decade, the technology for mind upload has existed. Anyone who wants to – and has the means to do so – can now stave off death by having their brain scanned and uploaded to the grid; a virtual, digital world. Society is divided over the new technology, but Anders Helmemyr, one of the proponents of the transhumanist movement, is hopeful. He dreams of a day when this technology will be available to everyone.

When a devastating terrorist strike rocks the world, Tiina Björk, expert investigator at the Swedish Security Service, is assigned to a manhunt for a mysterious hacker suspected of being involved in the attacks. But the investigation creates more questions than it does answers, and the curious interest from other security services suggests all is not as it seems, and something much bigger is going on.

Introdus is the second book from Swedish computer scientist and sci-fi writer David Sikter’s epic trilogy Let There Be Gods, a compelling and evocative vision of the future of humanity in the age of sentient machines.


Author: David Sikter
Narrator: Luke Pelletier
Publisher: David Sikter
Run time: 8 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 11/11/2022