InVerse Medicine: Poems about things often left unsaid

InVerse Medicine: Poems about things often left unsaid

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These are poems about conversations that we'd like to have with ourselves and with others when our bodies and minds are fraying...

There's struggle and triumph, loss and humanity within the pages of this eclectic collection of verse.

Here's what Readers have to say:

"[This] collection brings together the dilemmas doctors and clinicians face through the voices of poetry in a way that is quite extraordinarily moving. It is about intersections, beliefs, power, frailty and so much more." - Ruth

"Words from a doctor's heart. The touch-points. The soft, comforting words, the firmness of harsh realities. Acceptance of the inevitable. Or the frustrating answers that make no sense." - Ashish

"Some of the stories may sound unreal to those who haven't been to crowded public hospitals in large cities. A doctor's perspective beautifully captured. Most of the poems are short stories of amazing tales. If you read poetry or short stories, don't miss out on this one." - Wonchi Murry


Author: Upreet Dhaliwal
Narrator: Didi
Publisher: Upreet Dhaliwal
Run time: 1 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 01/05/2023