Jake & The Giant (The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 2)

Jake & The Giant (The Gryphon Chronicles, Book 2)

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NY Times Bestselling Author E.G. Foley brews up a magical potion for fantasy readers of all ages!

Take a dash of Harry Potter and a splash of Oliver Twist, add a pinch of steampunk and a sprinkle of Victorian fairy lore, and what do you get? The Gryphon Chronicles! A rollicking fantasy adventure series that’s as much fun for grownups as it is for kids.

Big Trouble...

Reunited with his aristocratic magical relatives, and finally getting used to his supernatural powers, orphaned ex-pickpocket Jake Everton, the young Lord Griffon, travels on his first-ever holiday to beautiful Norway. There, at the amazing Invention Convention, his cousin Archie, the boy genius, plans to unveil his marvelous new flying machine to the scientific world. But legends of the Viking Age die hard in Scandinavia.

Danger strikes as famous Victorian scientists start mysteriously disappearing. When Archie vanishes, too, Jake races to the rescue. With the help of his trusty pet Gryphon, he tracks the kidnapper to his lair, only to come face-to-face with—an angry Norse giant!

From the whimsical steampunk oddities of the Invention Convention to wondrous worlds of Norse mythology, join Jake and his friends on a giant-sized adventure full of hair-raising dangers and big laughs!

Praise for JAKE & THE GIANT

“Jamie MacKenzie is an absolutely brilliant narrator. He truly brings the story and characters to life!” ~Bravzilla (Audible)

“Pure ear candy!” ~Charlene (Audible)

“Ja! Whether the reader is 8 or 80, this is a great book to tickle the fancy of we Norsk, followers of Atticus O’Sullivan, Harry Dresden, or George R. R. Martin (...) for all of the fascinating places and personages met here.” ~Amazon Review

“I love this book! Harry potter meets steampunk and mythology of the ancient world.” ~Amazon Review


Author: E.G. Foley
Narrator: Jamie du Pont MacKenzie
Publisher: E.G. Foley
Run time: 11 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 01/21/2014