Jordane's Hunger: Steamy Paranormal Romance

Jordane's Hunger: Steamy Paranormal Romance

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Fight or die. Can love make you choose both?

Kiki Sanchez is the best agent to graduate the PIA in years. Her skills have made her the newest member of the death squad and the owner of the most technologically advanced weapon in the agency. When she learns the true cost of that power and who it belongs to, she must make an excruciating choice. Tell the truth about her past or watch everyone she cares about die.

Jordane is the leader of the warriors. A select pack who police the demon race. He is the strongest, fastest, most resilient member of his species and he has waited thousands of years for his mate. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with him. Can he gain her trust in time to save his brothers or will her secret rip his world apart?

Enjoy the next installment in the bestselling New Immortals Series. This Steamy Paranormal Romance is Intended for Mature Audiences *** 18+ Only


Author: Tia Didmon
Narrator: Tom Morris
Publisher: Tia Didmon
Run time: 6 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 09/16/2021