Joy Is a Jewel: Living a Joy-Filled Life!

Joy Is a Jewel: Living a Joy-Filled Life!

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“Devil, You Can’t Steal My Joy!” Oh how eager the enemy is to steal our joy! It is because he knows that “the joy of the LORD is our strength.” Christians who are generally familiar with that verse may not be aware of the scores of Scriptures on joy, on rejoicing, and on being totally blessed! The LORD loves to lavish joy on us, the redeemed. So join me as we enter into the Spirit and REJOICE! In this book you will learn how... * to recognize the difference between the soul and spirit * the Beatitudes show that the way of the Spirit is best for our happiness * to live triumphantly through trials during end-time days * to sing in jubilation and rejoice!


Author: Rev. Carolyn Anne Venable
Narrator: Margaret Reveira
Publisher: Worldwide Publishing Group
Run time: 6 hours 4 minutes
Release Date: 11/11/2016