Keeping It, Semper Fi: When God Takes a Side

Keeping It, Semper Fi: When God Takes a Side

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Keeping it Semper Fi

The third book of Perceptions – The Jenna Plural Saga and the final chapter of the Lewis Puller Trilogy.

It wasn’t easy for Emma Dodgson to join the United States Marine Corps. She barely passed the entry requirements. However, now she’s in, she is going to be the best damn marine there ever was.

Fanatically patriotic, Emma does not have time or interest in anyone or anything that does not love the United States. When the surrender comes, she has no hesitation and gives her loyalty to Jenna Plural in her fight back to free her country.

She knows this is her destiny because the voice in her head has told her so. It is also telling her to eliminate anyone who disagrees with her new leader.

Anyone is a potential target. Slowly but surely, the young marine starts to murder her way through the crew of the Louis puller.

Frustratingly, there is one target that seems out of reach. The woman that Emma sees as the greatest threat to the new order. The Australian pilot Stacey Grant.


Author: David Parker-Ross
Narrator: Katelyn Pierce, Elliot Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Tairis Anders Media
Run time: 6 hours 45 minutes
Release Date: 02/10/2023