Keto Ethiopian Style: Guide To Ethiopian Keto

Keto Ethiopian Style: Guide To Ethiopian Keto

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Book Description

Dieting can be a challenge for many, but it doesn’t have to be bland or boring. The keto diet has helped millions of people for nearly a century, and the best part is that various people have taken this diet and implemented it into their own culture. Ethiopian food, for example, has been popularly emerging in the last few years as if it was a well-kept secret, but it’s not just about the types of food or the spices and flavors found in them. Ethiopian cuisine is full of life and tradition, with a variety of things to choose from. Dieting with Ethiopian keto is a way for you to improve your health while still being able to enjoy some of the most delicious foods you may have never had. This book will not only teach you the basics of dieting with keto but will show you how to make Ethiopian-inspired dishes that are still healthy. If you want to eat better and still enjoy the vibrant and rich food that Ethiopian culture can provide, look no further. All the way from making your own spicy and robust berbere mix to the tradition of coffee ceremonies, we hope that you’ll find everything you need in this book to start eating healthier and enjoying some of the great food that Ethiopian cuisine has to offer.


Author: Susan Zeppieri
Narrator: David Van Der Molen
Publisher: Susan Zeppieri
Run time: 1 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 07/23/2021