Last Call for Sector 9G

Last Call for Sector 9G

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Book Summary: fighting the Bitter Star which drains a world of heat.

Sci Fi Categories:Aliens and Monsters, Space Adventure, Teleporting,

Book Description: Out there in the green star system; far beyond the confining grip of the Federation, moved the feared Bitter Star, for a thousand frigid years the dark and sinister manipulator of war-weary planets.

Authors Bio: Leigh Brackett was the undisputed Queen of Space Opera and the first women to be nominated for the coveted Hugo Award. She wrote short stories, novels, and scripts for Hollywood. She wrote the first draft of the Empire Strikes Back shortly before her death in 1978. She was also a screenwriter known for The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo, and The Long Goodbye

Narrators Rating (10 out of 10): ★★★★★★★★★★ 


Author: Leigh Brackett
Narrator: Brian K Fitzgibbon
Publisher: Giobuin Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 09/27/2021