Levant Mirage

Levant Mirage

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Adam Michaels is no James Bond. Once a young ivy league and notorious playboy, Michaels inexplicably quits the club circuit and joins the army. Not too many years later, he finds himself a scapegoat when America suffers its single worst defeat in her longest war. Relegated to the Pentagon's political backwaters, Michaels' life takes an unexpected turn. A terrorist captive claims a decade old shipping accident had actually been sabotage. All the crew had died without even a call for help. The target: a sophisticated weapon system from a DARPA research project team that had been headed by the one-time shining star, Adam Michaels. Radical Islamic terrorists theorize Michaels may be the only one able to thwart their plans and set out to end his life. In a heart-pounding, high octane race with evil, Michaels finds himself the final hurdle to prevent a crushing end to western civilization. 


Author: Oliver F. Chase
Narrator: Martin Kopp
Publisher: Pearl River Publishing Group
Run time: 9 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 12/21/2018