Long Nose Legacy: A Dog's Story of Royalty and Loyalty

Long Nose Legacy: A Dog's Story of Royalty and Loyalty

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"An Undeniably Fun, Tail Wagging Romp!" --BookLife Prize. Winner 2020 Parents' Choice Foundation Silver Award; 2019 B.R.A.G. Medallion winner.

Russian Wolfhound (Borzoi) show dog princess sisters, Carnegie and Madison, are determined to realize their very different dreams. Will fame and royalty...or love and loyalty win out? Disney and DreamWorks Animation voice talent, Stephen Kearin, brilliantly narrates and performs all 36 characters!

Gracie, a royal snobby show dog, expects her noble puppies to follow in her pawprints of being a pampered princess. Daughter Carnegie has inherited Gracie’s aristocratic attitude and assumes she’ll be pick of the litter. When the coveted title goes to her humble but perfect sister, Madison, she is resentful and scoffs at being a silly show dog.

Carnegie sets her sights on becoming a famous “woof hunter” and living as royalty in the Imperial Palace. The only tiny problem is how to get from her home in New York, all the way to Russia on her own.

Madison is torn by loyalty to her owner, Garnett—who expects her to carry on their kennel’s legacy of Grand Champion show dogs—to Anastasia, the young girl who holds her heart—and to her scheming sister, Carnegie, who needs her to carry out her royalty-obsessed plans.

Opening and closing music by Derek Feichter and Brandon Feichter.

The illustration of Carnegie on the audiobook cover is by Chanel "Dezzoi" Scott.

Produced by Eastman Productions. Audiobook Copyright 2019, Art Deco Dog Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


Author: J. G. Eastman
Narrator: Stephen Kearin
Publisher: Art Deco Dog Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 22 minutes
Release Date: 10/23/2019