Long Road to Auschwitz, The: A Tale of Tyranny and Heartbreak 1

Long Road to Auschwitz, The: A Tale of Tyranny and Heartbreak 1

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A British soldier storming the Normandy D-Day beachhead, a man whose girlfriend had been deported to Auschwitz four years previously - "Whenever I see a German in SS black? I see a dead German in SS black."

Pre-War Europe - May 1939. A couple meet and fall in love on a Parisian street. Max is a British Territorial soldier and Zia is a Jewish girl from the south of France. Zia's grandmother is a wealthy socialite, privy to a dark secret that can harm the Nazi leadership. After Zia is kidnapped by the Gestapo and Max is hospitalised, he awakes to find no trace of his beloved who he had planned to marry in England. The Red Cross suspect that she was trafficked across the border and delivered to Sachsenhausen Labour Camp at Oranienburg, not far from Berlin on the night of May 26th, 1939. A criminal act, 343 days before the Wehrmacht attacked France. June 6th, 1944 - four years later. Max is one of 150,000 Allied troops headed towards the Normandy beaches. He has two options - find the woman he could never forget or kill the people responsible for her death. From the very beginning, Berlin had ordered SS Hauptsturmführer Dieter Baumann to deal harshly with their VIP captive but never to kill her. Through three concentration camps, ending in Auschwitz, Zia wishes she had been killed many times over. Traumatized, she has no idea that Max and a few unlikely friends are battling their way through Nazi occupied Europe in a crazy attempt to rescue her. This novel explores the dark depths that humans can sink to in times of war. It is for adults only and even then; it is not for readers of a sensitive disposition. Whatever you read in this novel of extraordinary graphic Holocaust content, consider this – it was immeasurably worse, a hundred thousand times so.


Author: Anthony Vincent Bruno
Narrator: Edward James Beesley
Publisher: Anthony Vincent Bruno
Run time: 13 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 10/08/2020