Lose it Forever: The 6 Habits of Successful Weight Losers from the National Weight Control Registry

Lose it Forever: The 6 Habits of Successful Weight Losers from the National Weight Control Registry

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Lose Weight and Keep It Lost

Don't rely on your neighbor's latest gym stories or diet fad. Lose It Forever is a cutting-edge self-help audiobook based on data from the National Weight Control Registry. Inside, you’ll learn what’s worked for the thousands of others trying to lose weight fast—and keep it there.

Proven weight-loss and maintenance strategies.?Despite the overflowing bookshelves of dieting tips and health books, the U.S. remains the most overweight country in the world. Most people who work towards successful fat loss just gain weight back a few weeks later. And frankly, many of us are just always hungry or overeating. So, what’s unique about those who succeed? The answer is buried deep in the archives at the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center, home to the largest study of successful long-term weight loss maintenance.

Learn how to make the life changes you need.?The National Weight Control Registry includes data from more than ten-thousand individuals about their weight, nutrition and fitness habits, and weight management strategies. This is where Jason Karp comes in—a nationally-certified coach, medical doctor devoted to healthy living, and the founder of the REVO?LUTION RUNNING™ certification program. In his unique food book, he boils data down into actionable tips and wellness strategies for your everyday life. Inside, you’ll learn that not all carbs are bad, eating can increase energy, and maintainable ways to:

  • Monitor your fats, carbohydrates, and protein
  • Exercise (a lot!) daily
  • Control your calorie intake with diets that work

If you enjoy nutrition books, healthy eating books, or fitness books—like?Mini Habits for Weight Loss,?Why We Get Fat, or?Good Calories, Bad Calories—then you’ll love?Lose It Forever.


Author: Jason R. Karp, PhD
Narrator: Scott Overton
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 4 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 07/20/2021