Lost Sci-Fi Books 6 thru 10

Lost Sci-Fi Books 6 thru 10

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Five Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1950s

Breeder Reaction written by Winston Marks The remarkable thing about Atummyc Afterbath Dusting Powder was that it gave you that lovely radiant atomic look. It also gave you a little something more!

Planet of Dreams written by James McKimmy Jr. The climate was perfect, the sky was always blue, and--best of all--nobody had to work. What more could anyone want? It was a small world, a tiny spinning globe, placed in the universe to weather and age by itself until the end of things. Daniel Loveral had placed a finger upon a map and said, "This is the planet. This is the Dream Planet."

And All The Girls Were Nude by Richard Magruder Nathanial Evergood was an eccentric old man with a photographic passion for pretty girls. So he invented a camera lens for special effects — And All The Girls Were Nude!

Never Gut-Shoot A Wampus by Winston Marks An interstellar hunting trip with Major Daphne could teach a man a number of lessons. Like being kind to fellow human beings, or— Never Gut-Shoot A Wampus!

Three Spacemen Left To Die by Russ Winterbotham Disease contaminated their ship; any moment one of them might become infected and spray lethal sparks to the others. There was no cure—except prevention. And that meant — Three Spacemen Left To Die!


Author: Winston Marks, James McKimmey Jr., Richard Magruder, Russ Winterbotham
Narrator: Scott Miller
Publisher: Scott Miller
Run time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Release Date: 11/19/2021