Mad Dog!: Detroit Tiger Dick McAuliffe

Mad Dog!: Detroit Tiger Dick McAuliffe

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Born to be a Ballplayer...

...from a town so small it didn’t have a traffic light.

Dick McAuliffe was drafted into Major League Baseball at the age of 17 by the Detroit Tigers and became a 3-time MLB 'All Star', 1968 World Series Champion and loving Father with 2 wonderful kids.

Every team needs a 'spark plug'… a player who can rally other players and the fans when things get tough.

A batting stance like no other, he never got the credit he deserved playing America’s favorite pastime giving 110% every time he hit the field. Included here are actual interviews with Dick recorded in the mid-1980s and used by permission of The Society of Baseball Research at Arizona State University.

Told by his distant relative award winning Author Tom McAuliffe via published interviews, his fellow players, friends and family, he was that glue that holds a team together. A player that is the passionate ignition source making positive things happen on the field and on the score board despite individual stats.

That was Dick 'Mad Dog' McAuliffe and this is his inspirational story!


Author: Tom McAuliffe
Narrator: Tom McAuliffe
Publisher: Next Stop Paradise Publishing
Run time: 3 hours 3 minutes
Release Date: 12/31/2022