Mailman Tales: A Man of Letters

Mailman Tales: A Man of Letters

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This is a collection of stories from my long career as a mailman. From the big city streets of Chicago, I transferred to the small, river town city of Kachuda, Wisconsin. It was there I wanted to make my life, raise my family, and put down roots and become part of a real community!

I comment on the changing Postal Service as well, and how it has devolved, but the main thrust is the characters in this wonderful community in the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin.

Kind of a Postman James Herriot is what I am!


Author: Jess Thornton, Jess Thornton
Narrator: Jess Thornton
Publisher: Moos Road
Run time: 4 hours 41 minutes
Release Date: 12/01/2019