Make America Safe Again...: MAGA Movement Triumphs

Make America Safe Again...: MAGA Movement Triumphs

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Visionary, MJ Schultz successfully foresaw Trump's future presidency back in 2006 and now see his 2024 victory

He published Tower Air In-flight magazine in the '90's, the New York Ski Guide and through Broadway Media placed millions of dollars of the best show ads within in-flight publications on Continental, TWA, Delta, Northwest and United. Then he distributed tens of thousands of Broadway Show Tickets throughout the country.

He is the Executive Producer of award winning docudrama film "GENIUS ON HOLD" Narrated by Frank Langella. Schultz helped The Jane Elissa Endowment Fund raise over One Million Dollars for Leukemia Research. He has always has a great cause in all his ventures.

The AUDIOBOOK will help launch his support for raising funds to make sure Donald Trump with his MAGA Movement will unify Americans to Help "MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN"....


Author: MJ Shultz
Narrator: Will Stauff
Publisher: Mr. Super Trump Inc.
Run time: 2 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 12/26/2022