Management By Processes In Practice

Management By Processes In Practice

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A book written for those who really practice business process management.

This book was born of an internal corporate training, in which I presented the designed infographic that illustrates the cover page...repeatedly through several years.

Participating in other trainings, audits and events, I came to consider that some of my peculiar approaches could always be seen as great nonsense or as a solid experience and its many scars...always being to the taste or criticism of the public.

I was careful to name each chapter as a question that someone has already asked me or that I believe I might be asked, and, then, I hope I have been able to put myself in the seated place of the audience rather than on the lightned stage.


Author: Cláudio Pires
Narrator: Steve Atkins-Linnell
Publisher: Cláudio Pires
Run time: 2 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 03/24/2021