Me Monster: The selfish kid who learns to love.

Me Monster: The selfish kid who learns to love.

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Welcome to Mr. Nate Books! Mr. Nate Books is a kids book collection that brings a world of all ages together with illustration, imagination, and instruction! Me Monster is the 6th book launched in the kid’s book collection during Spring 2020 capturing the a common issue of selfishness in kids growing up as well as how parents and others can deal with it.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Looking for a great children’s book? Watch out for the Me Monster! Lurking in the deepest parts of the world and difficult to fight! A Me Monster seeks to take from everyone around in order to live while hearing the deep voice saying, “Me me me me!” How do you fight and train a Me Monster? By becoming a monster? Or do Me Monsters need love to change? Become hilariously scared together as a family or a school classroom reading Me Monster! Use the book to engage kids of all ages in how to deal with the monstrous issues of their heart and life as they grow up in a world full of monsters. Show them how they affect the world in good and even bad ways. Read together to ensure them that they are not alone and how to change from selfishness to love. Let them see a difference in you by your love to them and help grow up a different generation.

HOW TO USE THE BOOK: The book provides a subtly scary but funny way to show kids that selfishness hurts everyone and love is different. Reading questions are provided at the end of the book to provide readers helpful discussion points for kids in the family or classroom.


Author: Mr. Nate Gunter, Mr. Nate Books
Narrator: Mr. Nate Gunter
Publisher: TGJS Publishing
Run time: 7 minutes
Release Date: 12/10/2020