Mission Impossible to Love

Mission Impossible to Love

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She’s in over her brilliant head…

Elizabeth “Izzy” Benson has the brains to rival some of the best IT minds out there. Unfortunately her genius is going to get her killed—or worse, tortured. The Artificial Intelligence drone she’s developed is drawing all the wrong kind of interest, and the one man she thought she could trust is the one man selling her out. Now on the run, she’ll have to roll the dice on a stranger—a very angry Marine—who makes it obvious he doesn’t believe her or want her around.

He’s not buying her innocent act.

Sten Jenkins was a Marine on a mission. That is until Miss High IQ ruined his plan. Now, instead of going undercover as a “Black Hat,” a criminal hacker, to the biggest hacker convention in Las Vegas, Sten has to babysit Izzy while she tries to draw out those who are selling her IT work on the dark web. But it all sounds a little too convenient to Sten when he realizes Izzy’s boyfriend is a global tech wizard, known to have dealings with North Korea.

Now Sten and Izzy will have to decide who’s playing whom and who’s being played in this high stakes game of international security roulette.  


Author: Jacki Delecki
Narrator: Mike Hacker
Publisher: Doe Bay Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 10 minutes
Release Date: 10/11/2021