Missy's Short Stories: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems

Missy's Short Stories: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems

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These short stories by Missy Wood were all written when she was between the ages of seven and sixteen. When a lesson in Missy’s daily learning at home requested she write a research paper, an essay or a persuasive paper, etc., she would expand what she had learnt through this exercise and bring it into a story format, and consequently here are the results in this little book. You see here a creative and meaningful product of what otherwise could have been an academic file with a few language papers in the forms of essays, etc.

We hope that these little stories do not only inspire you, but that they also encourage you to allow flexibility and freedom within the learning process as you allow God’s direction to lead you to do with each learning experience that what He has purposed. In Missy’s example, she has been able to exercise the gift He has given her in writing stories. These are now in the form of this little publication, which we hope God will use for more reasons than was learnt through the process.


Author: Missy Wood
Narrator: James Wood
Publisher: Oikos Publishing (Pty) Ltd
Run time: 5 hours 17 minutes
Release Date: 07/16/2019