Misty and Faker

Misty and Faker

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Misty and Faker are two ordinary people except for the part where they are only one foot tall. Misty embraces her size by dressing up like an elf all the time while faker prefers to dress like a normal guy. Don't forget that they love to cook together, making food for the polar bears to eat. One day they were just exploring and they ran into a big brick house (or more like the size of a mansion). They decide to go inside, but end up getting trapped. They find their way out, but must find a way to help the two people that trapped them. If they are able to help them it will change their lives forever. Will they do it? Will they be able to help or make it worse?


Author: Mystery Elf
Narrator: Cathy Schrecongost
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory
Run time: 40 minutes
Release Date: 08/21/2015