Model Investigator: MM Romance Mystery

Model Investigator: MM Romance Mystery

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What happens when everything you thought you knew about your past is wrong?

With Kade missing, Ollie enlists the help of Jacob to find Kade. Except Jacob is temporarily deaf, and Ollie is suffering from debilitating migraines, which make them less than a dynamic duo. Both are surprised when it actually works, leading them to Kade’s manipulative family.

A little broken, Kade is no longer whole, and plagued with PTSD nightmares where he has a hard time parsing reality from fiction. Ollie knows the horrific accusations of Kade’s family aren’t true, and he’s determined to prove Kade innocent, even when Kade himself isn’t sure.

Ollie clings to the hope of putting Kade back together and returning them to the peaceful path they’d had before it all erupted. Only something more is wrong than toxic families and misremembered history, and it might just kill Ollie before he can discover the truth.

This MM romance features an ex-Marine with tattoos, a former model with a passion for solving mysteries, a snarky rock star, and lots of family drama mixed with a little murder. Second edition.


Author: Lissa Kasey
Narrator: Brian Hutchison
Publisher: Layer Kake Publishing, LLC
Run time: 9 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 05/20/2020