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His people have been trapped for a century in a dense forest. Arcon wants out. There is a world waiting for him to discover. And Elaina. Blocking his way is a huge canyon called the Rift. His people forbid him to get near it. Her people are forbidden to cross it. God help him.


Mojave Rift is a speculative look at the future of mankind, combining down-to-earth science with Bible prophecy. Filled with action and adventure, this post-apocalyptic tale avoids the murder and mayhem of a typical dystopian setting. Where suspicion and fear once divided us, discovery of truth seeks to unite.



"Mojave Rift by J.W. Gilbert is an exciting adventure that takes a biblical approach to a post-apocalyptic tale that is endearing, charming, and delightful." Liz Konkel ★★★★★


"The imagery of the forest and the descriptions of the tribe's life blew me away. It was all so very vivid and picturesque that I had no issue imagining every scene in my head." Rabia Tanveer ★★★★★


"Accessible to all readers due to its moderated content and accessible plotline, this is a thrilling adventure that could be read by young adults and older generations alike." K.C. Finn ★★★★★


 "Mojave Rift is fast-paced, deftly plotted, and skillfully written." Ruffina Oserio ★★★★★


 "This is an excellent beginning to an expected sequel; Mojave Man." Peggy Jo Wipf ★★★★★


Author: J.W. Gilbert
Narrator: Eric Aragoni
Publisher: John Gilbert Wozniak
Run time: 7 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 06/17/2021