Motel Endings

Motel Endings

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A haven from summer heat and sadness.

You see them perched along the US highways and freeways; they arise in clusters where roads intersect, nestled among convenience stores and gas stations. Convenient, soulless, and relatively inexpensive, motels provide a place to rest, a convenient place to for respite from a journey. They also house meetings, celebrations, and assignations.

At night, tucked inside their homogeneous rooms, you can sometimes hear life's dramas play out through their economical walls. Secrets are shouted and doors slammed.

The faceless and anonymous nature of chain motels, their very convenience, makes them an almost perfect setting for tragic endings. This is the story of such endings that overlap, at least in time and space.

There is a desperation in such stories that imbues them with power and strength, lets them gain momentum and causes misunderstandings to become inevitable endings.


Author: Ed Teja
Narrator: Andrew Baldwin
Publisher: Float Street Press
Run time: 25 minutes
Release Date: 07/17/2019