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Drummed out of the army, Ryan Anderson is looking for a new career. When the opportunity to work for a Manchester gangland figure arises, he jumps at the chance. 

Retired DCI James Knight is arrested for a murder he swears he didn't commit. 

Scott Davison is recovering from a traumatic incident when Kelly Stone walks into his life. Is it a chance meeting, or is she part of the past Scott is trying to escape? 

Karen Harper has killed before, and she’s planning to kill again…and again. 

Their lives are entwined, and it’s up to Detective Inspector John Latimer to unravel the threads before it becomes personal. 

Motive is the latest thriller from million-copy best-selling author Alan McDermott, creator of the explosive Tom Gray and Eva Driscoll series.


Author: Alan McDermott
Narrator: Andy Stevenson
Publisher: Alan McDermott Books Ltd
Run time: 10 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 01/04/2022