Mr. Mulligan: The Life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe

Mr. Mulligan: The Life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe

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He captured the world’s attention through golf…

…and through humor and grit, inspired millions.

Do you know the story of Tommy McAuliffe?

Born in 1893, he was destined to make an impact, and not just from the tee box. A magnetic personality that made the greatest golfers who ever lived want to join him for a round. He played with Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, and Arnold Palmer. What made him unique?

On his good days, he could shoot even par…

…and by the way he lost both his arms at age 9!

When his adoring fans would come to watch, Tommy would give them quite a show, and something to think about. His motto was “There is no handicap in life except a mental one.”

Golf wasn’t his only passion.

He promoted laws and testified before Congress on rehabilitation and the physically disabled. Tommy McAuliffe was a published author, on-air radio host, actor, public speaker, newspaper reporter, magazine publisher, and farmer.

Could you type a book with a pencil in your mouth?

You’ll adore this inspirational and award winning biography, because it’s loving written by the grandson as a lasting tribute to a man who set out to change the world.

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Author: Tom McAuliffe
Narrator: Tom McAuiliffe
Publisher: Next Stop Paradise Publishing LLC
Run time: 2 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 12/20/2022