My Champion: And Other Inspirational Christian Poems

My Champion: And Other Inspirational Christian Poems

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My Champion

You are Lord in Heaven

Lord on this Earth.

Master and Maker,

King and Creator,

Father of all things,

And lover of my soul.


I have an enemy.

He knows how to hurt me.

He knows what I want to hear.

He knows how to twist my wants,

Make me think they’re needs.

Help me drown out his voice.


Lord, be my victory,

Be my champion.

Show me Your glory.

Make me part of your story.

I want to know You better.

Open my ears, flood my mind.

Teach my heart to hear

You and only You.



This is the third inspirational Christian poetry collection. It’s preceded by Thin Black Road and followed by Just Like You. The combination book, Made to Praise, contains all three collections.


Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Narrator: Julie C. Gilbert
Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert
Run time: 1 hours 5 minutes
Release Date: 08/13/2020