My Colors, My World/Mis colores, mi mundo

My Colors, My World/Mis colores, mi mundo

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Bilingual English/Spanish. An instant favorite, this beautiful bilingual audiobook follows Maya as she discovers all the colors in her world.

Maya longs to find brilliant, beautiful color in her world. But when the wind blows, desert sand covers everything, and turns her whole neighborhood the color of dust.

With the help of a feathered friend, Maya searches high and low to find the colors in her world. And she does-in the vibrant purple of her Mama's flowers, the juicy green of a prickly cactus, the hot pink clouds at sunset, and the shiny black of her Papi's hair.

As they follow Maya's search for all the colors of the rainbow, little readers will be inspired to look around and ask themselves, where can I find the colors in my world?

Written in English and Spanish, this beautiful bilingual audiobook will be an instant favorite for beginning listeners.


Author: Maya Christina Gonzalez
Narrator: Lori Felipe-Barkin
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 4 minutes
Release Date: 07/06/2021