My Name Is Revenge: Novella and essays

My Name Is Revenge: Novella and essays

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"A heartfelt and gripping story of family, hardship and resilience." - Candice Fox

On 17 December 1980, at 9:47 am, two men shot the Turkish consul-general to Sydney and his bodyguard near the consul’s home in Vaucluse. The assassins aimed, fired, and vanished.

A young idealistic Armenian sets out to discover if his brother was involved in the crime – and how he can take part in the next one.

From Australia to the streets of 1920s Berlin and the horrors of the Armenian genocide of World War I, this story blends historical facts with compelling crime fiction.

Three companion essays narrated by the author delve into the history and personal stories behind the world’s first modern genocide and the legacy of its ongoing denial. 



Author: Ashley Kalagian Blunt
Publisher: Spineless Wonders
Run time: 2 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 11/09/2020