My Secret and the Earl

My Secret and the Earl

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My Secret and the Earl is the sweet/tame version of The Earl’s Secret Bride.


My dearest Richard,


I was a girl of seventeen when you first rescued me from tragic death. You rode in and saved my mother and me from a band of brigands and now six years on, I’m still irresistibly attracted to you. Unfortunately, my father has now agreed to my betrothal to an arrogant marquess who is more than twice my age and if I don’t marry the man then my family will lose everything. I certainly can’t allow that to happen so I’ve accepted what shall be, will do my duty and speak vows with him as my father has asked.


Today though, you kissed me down by the lake and curled my toes. You made me long for things I can’t possibly have—a marriage that will hold love, companionship, and immense adventure. If I might be so bold as to say in this letter, it is my secret wish that you would ride in and save me a second time.


A dream, of course, but oh my, what a wonderful dream it would be.


Yours in deep devotion, Rosamonde.


Each book in this series is standalone, and can be enjoyed out of sequence.


The Duke Who Stole My Heart, #1

The Earl I Adore, #2

To Love During War, #3

My Secret and the Earl, #4

The Prince Who Captured Me, #5

Beware of the Pirate Prince, #6

My Infamous Corsair, #7

Must Love Pirates, #8


Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Narrator: Catherine Bilson
Publisher: Joanne Wadsworth
Run time: 3 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 05/06/2020