Nest City: How Citizens Serve Cities and Cities Serve Citizens

Nest City: How Citizens Serve Cities and Cities Serve Citizens

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Our linear ways of thinking about, organizing and planning our cities do not meet the true nature of cities as complex and messy systems. There are no simple solutions to the challenges we face: many citizens don't feel they belong; we don't agree on how to best move around; many don't have jobs or homes they can afford; we make running businesses hard work; we are facing challenges with the climate crisis and a pandemic. At a time when understanding the relationship between our physical, economic and social habitats is essential, Sanders sets forth an approach to work with the disruptions of our times.

Drawing on her expertise as a city planner and a relationship-broker in the conflicts that surface in city life, Sanders offer strategies to explore how cities, public institutions, community organizations and the business community can work together to improve our cities. She explores the evolutionary nature of our relationship with cities, and how the tension we experience in city life compels each of us to work to improve and regenerate our cities.

Nest City articulates the importance of having a sense of direction, being willing as citizens and cities to learn along the way, and accepting the uncertainty and messiness of cities as opportunities to make cities that serve cities well. Nest City will forever alter the way to look at your city, your local public institutions, community organizations or businesses--and how you think about and contribute to your city.


Author: Beth Sanders
Narrator: Beth Sanders
Publisher: POPULUS Community Planning Inc.
Run time: 9 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 11/16/2021