Nevaeh - The Lost City of Nemea & Crux Ansata - The Lost City of Ankara: Part I and Part II

Nevaeh - The Lost City of Nemea & Crux Ansata - The Lost City of Ankara: Part I and Part II

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Nevaeh - The Lost City of Nemea Part I

Lucas Petersen, a professor at the University of Texas, is resting quietly in his apartment on Guadalupe Street near the main campus. There’s a knock at his door that surprised him. He is visited by Tommy Hansen, a good friend. With him, he brought a steel box, set it down at his friend’s table, and explained his unusual request, including the fact that he was soon to die. Part of the request was that the contents of the box couldn’t be disclosed for twenty years.

“True love is not necessary the number of kisses, or how frequently one gets them, TRUE LOVE is the feeling that still remains long after the kiss is over.”

Crux Ansata – The Lost City of Ankara, Part II is a gothic fantasy novel that follows as a sequel to Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea from the Caves of Chivateros in Peru.

Freja Jensen, contemplating retiring from BeeBop Publishing Group in Austin, Texas, received a brown paper parcel in the mail. She opened the package and saw that it was from Lucas Hansen, or his pen name, Lucas Pedersen. With the letter was a manuscript. Another note received was from a doctor who asked to remain anonymous. Included in a small teakwood box was an ancient sistrum, an Egyptian musical instrument with magical powers, and had the etching of an ankh on top.

In this sequel to Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea, Lucas and Oliver Hansen's twenty-year search begins to find Oliver’s lost True Love. You might ask, “What is true love? No one can really define what it is. Thousands upon thousands of people will have an answer. Many answers will point to a feeling they experience, but never has the Truth been more known until one reads the dramatic conclusion in this sequel, CRUX ANSATA – THE LOST CITY OF ANKARA.


Author: Sidney St. James
Narrator: Sidney St. James
Publisher: BeeBop Publishing Audio Group
Run time: 22 hours 54 minutes
Release Date: 05/09/2021