Never Say Never

Never Say Never

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One taste leaves them wanting more…


Francisco “Frisco” Martinelli. Hot and spicy. Beautiful on the outside, dark and damaged on the inside. Handle with extreme caution.

Salvatore “Torre” Rossi. Sweet with a kick of spice. Gentle at first, can become swiftly and irrevocably addictive to the heart.


One snobby food critic who doesn’t believe in love

One down-to-earth food blogger who does

Add a touch of suspicious brother

A heaping serving of best friend who’s been waiting for this to happen

Blend with secret identities, past hurts, and judgments.

Stir in equal portions of desperate longing, desire, fear, and snarky humor.

Set over open flame, step back, and wait for sparks to fly.

Serve as is for an explosive love story that will leave you with a full heart and a ridiculously happy smile at the end.


Author: Felice Stevens
Narrator: Kale Williams
Publisher: Felice Stevens
Run time: 10 hours 17 minutes
Release Date: 10/09/2020