Nightmare Nation #1: Village of the Dolls

Nightmare Nation #1: Village of the Dolls

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AudioCraft Publishing Incorporated presents: Village of the Dolls…the first book in Johnathan Rand’s new series entitled Nightmare Nation, featuring fictional stories based on actual state legends or facts.

On a remote stretch of M-33 between the small Michigan towns of Fairview and Comins, someone has been staging a mysterious grouping of hideous dolls at the crest of a short hill. No one knows who or why.

In Village of the Dolls, Trent and Athena Savage and their father are traveling a lonely stretch of highway when their car breaks down. They’re helped by a kindly old man and his wife, who give them a place to stay for the night.

But in this remote northern region of lower Michigan, something is very wrong.

When Trent and Athena explore the forest, they discover an old village...of dolls. But these are more than simply discarded children’s toys. These dolls don’t have any intention of allowing Trent and Athena to go home ever again….

Nightmare Nation: The State of Fear is Here.

Johnathan Rand is the author of over 120 books with nearly 7 million copies in print, including the popular American Chillers, Michigan Chillers, Freddie Fernortner-Fearless First Grader, Dollar $tore Danny, and more. Since the year 2000, he's spoken at over 2,200 schools and libraries in the US and Canada, and hosted nearly as many writing workshops and classes for both children and adults. In 2005, he and his wife opened Chillermania, a retail store and warehousing facility in northern lower Michigan that sells and distributes only his books. Chillermania is open year 'round, and has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors since opening. Find out more at


Author: Johnathan Rand
Narrator: Johnathan Rand
Publisher: AudioCraft Publishing, Inc.
Run time: 2 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 10/15/2021