Nine Months Will Tell

Nine Months Will Tell

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---a paranormal romantic fantasy

 From the novel… “Though the sunset was illuminating the horizon, the pathway through the tall woods behind the cottage was still dark. The tall aspens stood as if charcoal against the deep blue skies from the setting sun. The only color left was the orange pouring across the skyline to the west over the Pacific Ocean. Angel slung the Flaming Blue Sword over her shoulder and walked, not looking at the danger ahead, only at the rain-sodden path along the cliff, treacherous with slippery mud.”

In Chapter Two, the continuation of the Storm Lord Trilogy finds Angelica Thompson and Sheriff Kevin Connors expecting their first child. Her pregnancy came as a surprise to her and Kevin because it was precisely nine months after their defeat of Ethan Knight in Chapter One of the Storm Lord Trilogy series.

Throughout the book, significant events taking place appear to threaten the life of Angel’s first child. Is she too old, past the age of 39, to give birth? She wonders if it’s just her age. Is there a problem with her child?

Angel doesn’t want to know if it is a boy or a girl. She was ready to have the child naturally and gets closer to her full term but wondered if that was such a good idea. The expecting mother lives with pain day in and day out. She experiences dreams that are, once again, so real, she can never get more than an hour or two each night of sleep. Angels appear in her dreams. Demons appear in her dreams. Death occurs in her dreams!

In the last two weeks of her pregnancy, she realizes her child’s life is threatened by outside forces. Has the Storm Lord returned to her dreams…but, wait? Is he real? Who did she and Kevin kill in their first encounter if it wasn’t the Storm Lord?


Author: Sidney St. James
Narrator: Sidney St. James
Publisher: BeeBop Publishing Audio Group
Run time: 6 hours 9 minutes
Release Date: 06/14/2021