Nineteen Scriptures to Change Your Life Forever: My Life Verses

Nineteen Scriptures to Change Your Life Forever: My Life Verses

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Have you claimed any scriptures for your life and recited them over yourself hundreds of times? Do you need some key verses to hold onto that could powerfully transform your life? Join Matthew as he shares time-tested passages from the Word along with explanations of what they mean and how to personally apply them to your own life.

Nineteen Scriptures to Change Your Life Forever examines the Bible passages that have transformed the life of Matthew Robert Payne. These key scriptures were instrumental in molding Matthew into the man he is today. Although he failed high school English, he went on to publish more than forty books on Amazon.

Many people quote scripture, but fewer people know how to stand and walk on scripture, like when Jesus walked on water. Matthew shares his personal stories of how he has stood on and walked on these nineteen key passages. He encourages you to do the same in this foundational book that will strengthen your faith as you apply it to your life.


Author: Matthew Robert Payne
Publisher: Christian Book Publishing USA
Run time: 2 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 07/24/2019