No. 204 is going home: A true story  of survival, love, motherhood and being human

No. 204 is going home: A true story of survival, love, motherhood and being human

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A brave mother’s heart - a page turner that change the way you look at life.

"If you ever want to read a true story with real life consequences - this is the book."

"What makes this book so extraordinary is the level of authenticity and rawness."

"A breathtaking and life changing experience, described in a way that makes you hear the authors voice and sense her feelings."


A book about the unthinkable that might wait around the corner and how that affects life, and our different roles.

A story about the strongest feeling of them all - love.

It’s about darkness and survivor’s guilt. Fear and not being enough as a parent. About losing yourself and finding yourself again. You, but so very different.

It´s a story about gratitude. For life. For health. For family.

Most of all - it’s a story about being human.

Read this book straight through, as it is. The words are the ones that came to me, I cannot change them for fancier ones as they are naked and true, and the truth is what I want to share with you. Noting more, nothing less, nothing else.

Try to feel the emotions as best you can and make something good out of it.

Don't be afraid to make big changes in your life, always follow your gut feeling and heart and don't live your life as it will last forever. Because it will end one day.

Make the best of it until then.

Try not to be so hard on yourself. We do the best we can and with love as our foundation – it will be okay in the end.

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Author: Marie Lindstrom
Narrator: Marie Lindstrom
Publisher: Nynna AB
Run time: 5 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 02/03/2021