NUTS!: The Life and Times of General Tony McAuliffe

NUTS!: The Life and Times of General Tony McAuliffe

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Surrounded! The American Army was besieged…

Faced off in Bastogne Belgium during World War 2’s crucial Battle of the Bulge…

Do you know the true story of how we said 'Nuts!' to the Nazi’s?

The pivotal battle and the 35+ year career of General Tony McAuliffe (1898-1975) is examined and for the first time with information direct from his family, his writings and rare photographs. 

He commanded thousands at a time when America was in trouble and our freedom lay in the balance…

He helped invent tools to defend out nation including America’s Nuclear and Biological arsenals…

And December 1944 in Belgium saw Nazi gunfire shatter the silence of the Ardennes forest in Hitler’s last ditch attempt to win the war.

Loved by his men and the American public McAuliffe’s good humor, military skill and determination helped save his men and lead the Allies to victory.

Now we know the true story of this American hero. Without his determination and leadership we’d all be speaking German!

You’ll adore this uplifting story because it’s lovingly written by his distant relative with the help of the General’s nephew as a lasting tribute to a man who changed the world and helped us win WWII.

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Author: Tom McAuliffe
Narrator: Tom McAuliffe
Publisher: Next Stop Paradise Publishing
Run time: 1 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: 12/20/2022