Ocean Child

Ocean Child

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Ocean Child is a magical tale of one girl's adventure at sea. She runs away from a troubled home, dresses as a boy and stows away on a ship, She is finally fulfilling her dream of sailing the ocean, but she has no idea what lies in store for her!

She is discovered by the ship's captain and crew, who are actually good, decent men, and the ship sets sail. Finding that she has stowed away on a "Questing Ship," she then has an encounter with dolphins that changes her life.

While swimming with the dolphins, she finds that she can not only understand them, but that they have a beautiful message for her to take home and share with the entire world.


Author: William G. DeFoore
Narrator: William G. DeFoore
Publisher: Halcyon Life
Run time: 25 minutes
Release Date: 12/14/2019