Odyssey of Hope, An

Odyssey of Hope, An

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What if you were given the ability to visually see proof of love in your dating, marital or other relationships? What if that meant that you could also know when it had departed or was never there to begin with? Worse yet, what if it was the same for hate? Dusk gains the ability to see a diverse array of powerful energies, each with a different purpose.

Dusk is an orphaned, flippant bachelor who just wants to photograph his sister's wedding and go home. When his past comes knocking, he naively opens the door. Unprepared for such a battle, does he have the skills to survive with a murderer on the loose?

A planned set of genetic engineering events have been set in motion by a nefarious predator who seeks to undermine Dusk's every move. He'll need perseverance and resilience to avoid giving up. Is the love that Dusk hopes he'll find, really worth dying for?

He has stayed away from it all so far because he feared the outcome might be like the divorce of his parents. He doesn't want to be right but at least he's not alone when Allied together with Dawn, they might stand a chance. Could she be just the right woman to help him defeat the predator and prove him wrong about love?


Author: Matthew Bieschke
Narrator: Alexa Elmy
Publisher: Matthew Bieschke
Run time: 7 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 03/06/2021