Off to War

Off to War

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A young debutante devoted to her fiance. A doctor committed to saving lives.

Elizabeth is passionate about many things. Protecting John from the guts of war becomes the most important when he joins the Union Army. Determined to follow him through thick and thin, she joins the commission of women supporting his regiment and sneaks aboard his train upon deployment.

In fear of being discovered and sent home, she keeps a low profile. Until she learns he has rushed to the front to save critically wounded soldiers. Despite the danger of musket and cannon fire, she knows the decision she must make to ensure John makes it back alive.

How far would you go to protect the one you love?

Gripping and romantic, Off to War follows Elizabeth and John through the trials and tribulations of the American Civil War. Will they end up together or be forever changed by the grim specter of war.

If you like Tamera Alexander and historical romance, then you’ll love Sara R. Turnquist’s exciting romance!


Author: Sara R. Turnquist
Narrator: Becky Brabham
Publisher: Sara R. Turnquist
Run time: 7 hours 53 minutes
Release Date: 02/20/2023