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It was Blake's least favorite time of the year.

His son Lance passed him an envelope he took it with a great lack of enthusiasm.

"Open it you'll love it," an enthused Lance said.

Blake opened it expecting an insult It was.

"Oh thank you!" said Blake putting on a smile.

"I knew you'd love it," said Lance smiling.

"Yeah," said Blake he hated it.

It being a picture of Harry Potter's Lord Voldermort in a birthday hat,

under the picture, a legend in a black box reading OLDERMORT.

It hit Blake like a ton of brick it was his birthday again.

"Mortimer," said Blake's assistant with another pile of more files for Blake to sign.

"What is it Dante," Blake said knowing his day would get worse.

Dante saw the card and laughed.

"Mortimer's birthday is it?" he said.

"Yes," said Lance. smiling.

Mortimer also known as Blake grimaced.


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson
Publisher: Paige Turner
Run time: 5 minutes
Release Date: 01/16/2023