On The Right Track: MM New Adult Romance Coming of Age Novel

On The Right Track: MM New Adult Romance Coming of Age Novel

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Ru Nakimura was a boy band superstar until his ex-boyfriend outed him. Now he’s in hiding in the Midwest to avoid the press and the ensuing storm of judgment. He never expected his dream guy would be a high school jock that he meets at a small-town library.

Adam Corbin is a high school football star on the verge of graduation. He has big plans of escaping his small town and living life unafraid of being a gay man. However, seeing how his openly gay friend has been treated, Adam stays away from socializing, and focuses on fading into the background to avoid exposure. The last thing he wants is to have everyone examining his life.

When Adam and Ru have a chance encounter sparks fly. Ru wonders if it’s okay for him to still be a musician and openly love another man. And Adam dreams of finding the courage to love openly even if doing so brings his life into the limelight. Will their love survive the scrutiny of the world?


Author: Lissa Kasey
Narrator: Michael Stellman
Publisher: Layer Kake Publishing, LLC
Run time: 5 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 10/29/2014