Outcasts in Time: The After Cilmeri Series

Outcasts in Time: The After Cilmeri Series

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Join David and his friends and family for the next installment in the After Cilmeri series!

Last we heard from David, he'd allowed George to abduct him at the behest of the CIA, for the stated purpose of forcing him to time travel between Earth Two and Avalon. Meanwhile, Lili and the refugees from Paris were floating down the River Seine, making for the English Channel. And King Philippe was blithely reconstituting his government, unaware that the battle of wills between him and David hadn't really ended the way he thought. And that, in fact, it hadn't even ended.

David and his companions have pulled off the heist of the millennium. But as David encounters the unexpected in Avalon, and Lili and the refugees face danger at every bend in the river, they must face the hard truth that the best laid plans go awry at the moment of contact with the enemy. And no one ends up exactly where they intended, either in space … or in time.

Outcasts in Time follows immediately after the previous book in the series, Unbroken in Time.


Author: Sarah Woodbury
Narrator: Annie Keris
Publisher: The Morgan-Stanwood Publishing Group
Run time: 8 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 05/20/2021