Piper Blu: And Her Search For Great Means

Piper Blu: And Her Search For Great Means

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A move to a dreamland turns into a nightmare when Piper Blu’s unique differences spark her classmates’ curiosity. Piper sets out in search of the one thing, or is it a place? That could help her fit in.

Determined to find 'Great Means', and try to figure out why she is not being of it, is why she’s different. The search sends her on a journey of discoveries and self-acceptance. Tossed by a terrible sandstorm, she lands right where she is meant to be. In this unknown land, she sees herself in a whole new light and comes to understand her regal beginnings and true identity.

Having knowledge of self should start as early as grade school so that it gives us enough cover when up against what others may not accept or understand. The journey of Piper Blu is a real-life story intermingled with social topics relevant to our society still today. It teaches self-love and acceptance to all who read it.


Author: Raqie Dane
Narrator: Janice Robinson
Publisher: PRK Publishing
Run time: 10 minutes
Release Date: 08/16/2021