Playing House: A single parent, steamy romantic comedy

Playing House: A single parent, steamy romantic comedy

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Nick is not a patient man.

He wants a life with Sarah. Marriage. Kids. Everything. But she keeps dragging her feet. No wedding date set and every time he mentions kids, she panics.

Sarah wants to marry Nick but she knows how quickly life can change for the worse. Watching her friend's kids for the weekend is the perfect opportunity to teach Nick that having children isn't just playing video games and eating popcorn. It's a lot of work.

But Nick has his own plans. He's going to use this weekend to show Sarah that having kids, now, is a great idea. Will Nick realize that kids are more work than fun or will Sarah finally be able to bury her past and take a chance on her future?

This standalone steamy, second chance, new adult romantic comedy continues Nick and Sarah's story because life doesn't end when you find your true love. It's only just beginning. Playboy Nick is ready to settle down. He's ready to prove to Sarah that he'd be a great father and she'd be a terrific mother. This book is funny, poignant and super steamy with kinky scenes that are suitable for those over 18.


Author: Ellis O. Day
Narrator: Robert Hatchet, Dahlia Lynde
Publisher: Ellis O. Day
Run time: 3 hours 47 minutes
Release Date: 12/17/2022