Pleasures of the Pride

Pleasures of the Pride

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Enemies to lovers – fast-paced – high stakes – secret romance.

Alexis crawls, beaten but not broken, from the trunk of her car. She hadn’t taken the threat seriously and now she’s sure he’ll be back. Cyrus Lee is a name she’ll never forget, and not because of her possibly broken ribs. Her new investor is Nicholas Lee, Cyrus’s son. Afraid of the answers the cops might find, she calls The Pride.

Every girl’s father leaves a dial-a-hero card hidden behind the Monet? Right? If she didn’t know why before, she knew now. The bastard wasn’t getting a dime!

Nicholas Lee, self-made millionaire, has signed the most important deal of his life. Alexis has trusted her late father’s firm into his capable hands. She’s as brilliant as she is beautiful but fails to understand he doesn’t answer to her. Why did she sign an eight-figure deal if she doesn’t trust him? When her call comes in to The Pride, he’ll need to convince her to trust him with her life.


Author: Marti Shane
Narrator: Lessa Lamb
Publisher: Marti Shane
Run time: 7 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 02/01/2021