Poison for Death: The Sacrifice That Birthed the Salvation of Mankind

Poison for Death: The Sacrifice That Birthed the Salvation of Mankind

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The devil knew with sin, man would be condemned to death and destruction, and so he decided to bring man to sin. Then devil went off to man and deceived him. Man fell to the deceit of the devil and sinned. Scripture says: For sin pays its wage death [Rom 6:23]. Sin and death are inseparable. Sin. begets death. The consequence of sin is death, and when sin is committed, death is inevitable. Man sinned and his sin brought death. Death started eating up man and his offspring. The offspring of man inherited the debt of disobedience of man and partook in his punishment. The sin of man condemned him and the entire humanity to death and destruction. This is why it became the destiny of every man and woman to be born and to die. Man, only lived to perish and be destroyed. God came to man's rescue. He never wanted man for death and destruction. He made plan to save man from death and destruction and have death itself destroyed. A sacrifice was planned and carried out, and the sacrifice condemned death to its own destruction and brought forth the redemption of mankind.


Author: Dabiri Timothy
Narrator: Morrie Nix
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 2 hours 51 minutes
Release Date: 03/02/2020