Possessing the Kingdom: Rediscovering Kingdom Identity

Possessing the Kingdom: Rediscovering Kingdom Identity

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One of the greatest tragedies in the Body of Christ today is an identity crisis. It is unfortunate that some believers have lost their Kingdom identity while others have a distorted view of thier identity in Christ. The reality is that, until you rediscover your Kingdom identity, possessing your possessions remains elusive. This unfortunate situation has led to untold hardship and frustration among God’s people. Friend, if you are in any of the above categories, I believe God has put this book in your hands to help you rediscover your Kingdom identity and stir you to rise up and possess what has been freely given to you in Christ Jesus.


Author: Jesse Sackey
Narrator: David Durand
Publisher: Rehoboth House
Run time: 1 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 03/21/2016