Prairie Magic: Full Character Dramatized Audiobook

Prairie Magic: Full Character Dramatized Audiobook

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Come along! Adventure awaits!

Sit back, grab a few snacks, and get ready to enjoy the AudioDramas of these exciting and enchanting stories! But don't get too comfy...the action and adventure will have you on the edge of your sofa cushion!

Bursting with character voices, sound effects and original music, Prairie Magic AudioDrama is sure to please!

In this uplifting, captivating, AWARD WINNING story, experience the thrills and chills of the Hansons and Good Elks as they overcome adversity while fighting for a better future—for their families and their beloved town of Buffalo Grass.

Prairie Magic is teeming with powerful messages about living a positive, healthy life—physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s an inspirational story about faith, forgiveness and love.

Meet Floridian Victor Garcia as he stumbles into South Dakota during an annual rodeo and falls in love with our beautiful heroine, Hope.

Let waterfalls and Mansi Good Elk’s tender loving care lull you into a peaceful, healthy state at her Plucked Flower Spa.

Join the excitement as an array of fascinating characters are mysteriously guided into each other’s paths, and learn to summons the courage, optimism and creative vision needed to establish fulfilling, authentic lives. Along the way, they are guided by the ancient wisdom of Tarot cards and Rune stones in this exciting tale of struggle and triumph!

Prairie Magic readers say:

  • "This book lives up to its title. It's a magical ride on a magical carpet with interwoven stories and themes."
  • "I was amazed how many times I laughed out loud!"
  • "Wow! What a read! I couldn't put it down!"


Author: Joan Kristin Haugan
Narrator: Richard Sellers
Publisher: Odin's Legacy Press
Run time: 11 hours 30 minutes
Release Date: 01/26/2021